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Join Friends of FEBS


FEBS has launched a new monthly giving sponsorship program called “Friends of FEBS” that allows you to designate an amount of your choice that will go towards a parrot species of your choosing in our Sanctuary.  100% of every dollar goes directly towards a sponsored parrot’s food, health care, treats and caregiver snuggle time.  This new program allows you to select a a monthly donation towards  a specific group such as African Greys, Cockatoos, Macaws, Eclectus, Amazons, Conures, Cockatiels, Special Needs birds or you can select “Any Parrot” if you can’t decide.  Payments are scheduled through PayPal and are safe and secure.  Our new website makes it easier for you to support the cause so dear to us all in taking care of these intelligent and beautiful birds and providing them a fulfilling life allowing them to “just be a bird” at FEBS.  Check out our new website and Friends of FEBS sponsorship program HERE.  We would love to hear what you think of our new site and program, please feel free email LizDion@FlaBirdSanctuary.com with your thoughts so we can continue to improve your experience and ensure we are doing all we can to benefit the birds here at the Sanctuary.



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FEBS New Website Launched!

We are pleased to announce that our new and refreshed website is live! It has been crafted to reflect what our followers and supporters told us would make a better experience—including a responsive technology underpinning for site access from a desktop, tablet or smartphone.

We also improved the structure of our content so you can find information quickly and easily.

Our primary goal with the new site is to provide our visitors an easier way to learn about our mission and explore our programs.

Some of the new features you will enjoy include:

  • A Sanctuary Life Reimagined™ page that articulates how we re-IMAGINE the programs and facilities that we are adding to our new Hudson sanctuary grounds.
  • The Friends of FEBS program, which is a new monthly giving program with 100% of every dollar going directly towards sponsored parrots’ food, health care, treats and caregiver snuggle time.
  • Integrated social media buttons for Facebook and Twitter that allow you to follow and like FEBS—and post and tweet about FEBS in your own social media accounts.
  • New pictures and media in our FEBS Gallery, including the exciting progress on our Hudson sanctuary.
  • Online contact and volunteer application forms.
  • Downloadable PDF’s of key information, including bird placement, tours and planned giving programs.
  • Our new, online FEBS Store—get your FEBS t-shirt today 😉


PLEASE NOTE that we are now using a “.org” domain as we are a fully qualified 501(c)(3) non-profit (charitable organization.) Our old website (flabirdsanctuary.com) will no longer function. If you have bookmarked that site, you will automatically be redirected to our new site.

We would like to thank our board, staff and media team volunteers who donated their time and energy to make this site what it is.

We hope you like the changes, and if you have any feedback, please let us know on Facebook or Twitter.


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FEBS Arbor/Shade System

Happy Friday everyone. Today’s post is  about our new arbor/shade system being installed by The Phoenix Solution.

Due to the extreme heat here in Florida, we knew that we needed a covered walkway not only for visitors but our staff and volunteers as well. We are very pleased with this design and hope many of you come visit us this summer! Of course we made sure the birdies had shade and misters first! Looking forward to a nice summer!

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Welcome, Sinbad & Shalimar!

Welcome, Sinbad & Shalimar!

These 2 beautiful Yellow Collared Macaws just arrived yesterday. Their owners drove them all the way from Texas to spend the rest of their life here at FEBS! They can’t wait for them to join the flock of mini macaws!

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The Cooks’ Story

This week’s special kudos go out to Bob and Sherryl Cook.   This couple came to us in 2012 with a Moluccan named Kyoshi and a Quaker parrot, Apache.  Their situation is a very familiar one. The Cooks needed to downsize, gave up the family home to their young son and wife, who soon realized life with a large bird and a young family did not mesh.

Recently retired, Dr. Cook and Sherryl have committed their free time not only to FEBS, but also serve Christ by volunteering at a soup kitchen once a week and are very active in the local community.  Bob leads 3 different bible studies and is President of his residential community village.  He works out religiously and loves physical fitness.  He takes Jack, his beloved Shi-Tzu, everywhere he goes including the Sanctuary. Jack has such a great time and gets his exercise in at FEBS everyday with Dad.

One of Bob’s true loves lies with helping animals.  He enjoys working with people and helping them walk through the transition and difficult decision of finding a new home for their family bird and just building relationships with people.   “I have been in their shoes and Pat was kind enough to accept my birds when no other place was acceptable to our standards” says Bob.  One thing led to another and now it’s have been 5 years.  Not only dedicating their time, the Cooks have taken on many rolls including being an integral part of the growth of FEBS.

Sherryl, Bob’s wife spends a great deal of time collecting bird feathers and helping keep the grounds beautiful by planting flowers and creating beautiful horticulture scenarios.  Sherryl’s passion benefits FEBS.  She loves feeding the birds and has contributed her time almost every day for 5 years.  She knows all the birds and calls them by name.  She loves doing creative things with the feathers and watching FEBS grow and see how it’s progressing.  She loves Learning new things such as how to ride a lawn mower and seeing how everything is coming together.  “The birds come first but the beauty helps fill it in” quotes Sherryl.  She gets attached to the birds, and says they are like little kids with feathers.   She communicates with the birds knowing their personalities and differences when she is collecting feathers, feeding or just perusing the grounds.  Sherryl says “Knowing someone is noticing them.  So much can be done with the feathers, everything comes back full circle.”   She loves identifying the feathers and how many shades of green or blue that come from the same bird.  Every time she looks for feathers it’s like an Easter egg hunt which she loved as a child.  Birds have such dimension that when we beautify the place it is relaxing and calming for the birds.

Thank you, Sherryl and Bob for your continued dedication and support of FEBS and all our feathered residents!

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Safety Tip Wednesday

Quite often we are asked if we can use rolls of sisal purchased from local hardware stores for toy-making, etc.   As you may have learned from our previous blogs regarding toy safety, we do not like to use toys made of string.  Sisal is a great alternative as the birds can break it easily.  We have long since used sisal as a replacement for cloth/string toys however it needs to be purchased from a pet safe distributor within the U.S.  Please check any packaging for a strong odor or from a foreign country as they may be preserved with pesticides.  Do not use these as they are toxic to the birds.  Buying rolls for toy-making is very cost effective but please make sure to purchase from a known source like MySafeBirdStore.com.  You may also search on the internet for key words “all natural”, “no pesticides”,  and “safe for bird toys” when shopping for sisal.




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Volunteers Coming Through on Saturdays

Wow! What an Extraordinary Saturday!  We had a full parking lot of volunteer help.  This is our goal for every day.  Our birdies don’t take a day off, they need your help 365 days a year, rain or shine.  We could use a few extra feeders on weekdays between 8am -3pm and Sundays between 10am – 1pm.  If you have availability during these hours, there are two shifts that need filled; a morning feeding at 8am or a second feeding and water change between noon and 3pm.  Please contact us at 1-844-352-2473 and select option 2 to leave a message and your contact info or email birdmother@flabirdsanctuary.com.  We will be happy to get back to you within 24 hours.  Please remember we offer students over the age of 16 a safe fulfilling environment to meet their high school requirement service hours at FEBS.  Feel free to visit the website and fill out the volunteer application HERE and email it to birdmother@flabirdsanctuary.com



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Donate Today And Receive A Free FEBS T-Shirt

Layout and design is complete for the on site hurricane evacuation and multi purpose building.  A special thanks goes out to Kathleen Foster, our graphic artist guru, for all of the hard work put into designing our new 4400 SF long awaited and much needed building.  The matching funds of $10k has generously been met up to almost 50%.  Way to go guys!  This campaign will end April 30th.  In order to reach our $10,000 match, we still need your contribution. Anyone giving over $100 or more between now and the end of the campaign will receive a free FEBS T-shirt.   Please click HERE to donate or start your own fundraiser for this project.


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Making Foraging Toys at FEBS

This past Saturday we had a great time putting together some foraging toys for the birdies at FEBS.  Foraging toys help keep parrots active and happy while they work for their treats.  We put pineapple, strawberries, apple (no seeds), bananas, blackberries and sweet potato in the toys.  Here are some pics of what the finished products looked like and some of the birdies enjoying them.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Thank You Taqueria del Sol!

A big thank you to Tony, Javier, and Team Taqueria del Sol for the very generous donation of their old patio weather wraps to our sanctuary.  At 8 ft high and 65 ft long they fit perfectly around the space our sweet special needs birds are staying in until their flight is built.  What an awesome way to help FEBS!  Please head over to their Facebook link below and give a like and a thank you to this great group!


weather proofingtaco

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Publix Mixed Nuts Sale!

Publix is having a big sale on their mixed nuts such as bags of Walnuts, Almonds, Pecans in the Shell or any mixed nuts in the shell on sale at your local Publix, our parrots’ favorite food!  They are selling them at HALF PRICE to get rid of their inventory at $2.15/LB!  As an added bonus, if your local Publix has run out of the reduced priced bags of nuts they will give you a voucher/rain check at the same price for up to 8 bags once restocked.  FEBS is offering a donation receipt for full value of purchase along with shipping to anyone who can purchase these from their local Publix and ship to FEBS!  Please contact your local Publix today as this won’t last long!  Make sure to keep your receipt and ship the nuts along with your Publix receipt to the below address.

Ship products with your return address and Publix receipt to:


Attn: Patricia Norton

8933 Casper Ave

Hudson, FL 34667


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What to do once your bird is at FEBS

Make sure to follow the steps detailed below whether you have a bird at FEBS or not to maximize your impact!  You can help by taking an active part in supporting FEBS across the multiple platforms listed below.  Let’s tell everyone why we love FEBS!  Sign up here to become a member and receive email updates on what’s going on with the development of the sanctuary in Hudson:


FEBS what to do

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Winter is here…

Winter is here and it’s getting chilly at night!  Check out what staff member Bobbi Armour is making for some of the birds at FEBS that are lacking their full feathers coats.  Keeping these birds warm is a priority in the cold weather however it is amazing how adaptable these parrots are and Florida is the perfect tropical atmosphere for them to thrive in.  Bobbi made these out of baby clothes which she cut the arms out of to allow space for the wings.  How inventive and helpful!  Thank you Bobbi!!! 🙂

Photo Dec 15, 11 19 49 AMPhoto Dec 15, 11 20 00 AM


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Thank you to Associated Construction Products!

We would like to give a great big THANK YOU to Larry Falls and his company ASSOCIATED CONSTRUCTION PRODUCTS for donating 72 pallets of pavers that were taken up from some restaurants in Tampa.  Larry and his men packed them up, shrink wrapped them and delivered them to the Hudson Sanctuary.  We are so grateful for these pavers, they will be used to create walkways in front of aviaries for volunteers ease of feeding and for tour.  What a wonderful way to start the new year!


Photo Dec 02, 2 22 28 PM Photo Dec 02, 2 21 36 PM

Photo Dec 02, 2 45 27 PM

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Matching Funds Campaign Complete!

We have met our goal for the matching funds campaign and have raised $10,000!  These funds will go a long way to help raise the large flight aviaries in Hudson.  A huge thank you to everyone who contributed and especially to the Wilkins family.  Thank you again for helping us reach our goals and enable us to get as many birds moved into the large flight aviaries as possible.  Happy New Year Everyone!  

Matching Funds Holiday Campaign

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Happy New Year from FEBS!

FEBS wishes you and your families a Happy New Year!  We have done so much in 2015 and can’t wait to see what 2016 has in store for us. This past year we have moved over 300 birds from Wesley Chapel to the Hudson location.  In 2016 we plan to move the remainder of the birds to Hudson and continue to erect large free flight aviaries to move groups of birds into.  Thank you for your support this past year and together we will shine in 2016!


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FEBS Staff and Volunteer Holiday Party!

Much fun, food and conversation was had and new friends were made at our first annual Holiday get together at Birdmother’s home.  Most of our volunteers are at the Sanctuary in Hudson on different days and they only know one another by names on the volunteer board.  Today they all got to meet, talk about their favorite birds and fun was had by all!  We missed a few that were not able to make it today but be assured we will be doing many more events for the dedicated people that make it possible for us to give the parrots in our care the love and attention that each one of you provide!  Thank you all!

Photo Dec 29, 4 13 10 PM

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Christmas at FEBS

Getting ready for Christmas at FEBS!  Lots of toys for every-bird 🙂

Click below to see  how you can make a Christmas wish come true!


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A Special Volunteer Thank You

This week we want to give a special thanks to a volunteer named Kenneth Kelly.  He worked his entire vacation week from 12/11-12/16 at FEBS!   Ken is from New York and is a retired Navy man who worked on submarines.  He has a Blue and Gold Macaw, a Green Wing Macaw, and an Umbrella Cockatoo at home.  He plans to move to Florida soon (we can’t wait) :).  We can’t say thank you enough to all he and the many volunteers have done.  You all make such a huge difference every day. When asked what Ken thought of what we were doing at FEBS he said “It’s unique… we are making it happen.. it can be done”.  Thank you for all of your hard work.  To find out how you can help FEBS click the link below.


Photo Dec 15, 2 17 33 PM

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Using Positive Reinforcement to Administer Medication

Zsa Zsa is a  beautiful Catalina Macaw Hybrid in our care who came to us with behavioral issues that cause her to bite her foot. Recently she started biting so much that ointment needed to be applied to her foot to help it heal. This can be a difficult thing to do with a parrot, or any animal for that matter. In order to clean and apply medicine, Pat used attention and kisses as a reinforcer and was slowly able to acclimate Zsa Zsa into letting her foot be rubbed as you can see in the picture below.


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Fundraiser and Blog Update

Hi All,

We have lots going on at FEBS this week.  Number one, thank you for all of the generous donations towards our Matching Funds and Go Fund Me Campaigns!  We’ve raised $3100 towards our $5000 goal for the Matching Funds Campaign sponsored by the Wilkins family.  The Wilkins family advised us to use the money wherever it’s needed most.  Any donations made towards any fundraiser from Dec 1 to Dec 31st will be doubled up to $5000 for the Matching Funds.  If you have entered your donation towards the Go Fund Me site rest assured it will be doubled until we meet our $5000 matching funds goal.  Thank you all for your help and everything you do!

We are also working on migrating our blog from FloridaExoticBirdSanctuary.Wordpress.com over to our FlaBirdSanctuary.com main website.  Please go to FlaBirdSanctuary.com and make sure you are following the blog from this page.  Please provide us feedback if you do not receive our posts on Wednesdays and Fridays.   Because so much has been going on lately we may be posting more frequently in the week in addition to the normal days.  Looking forward to communicating more with all of you and keeping you connected to FEBS.

And here are your cute pics for the day.  Enjoy!



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Matching Funds- Halfway There!

Wow!  Thank you for the great response to our call to action for our Matching Funds Campaign!  We are currently at $2700, a little over half the way there.  A BIG thanks to the Ramos family for the $1000 donation, and to all of you that are being so generous this holiday and helping us reach the Wilkins family holiday matching fund commitment of $5000!


The Animal Behavior Center Visits FEBS

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The owner of the Animal Behavior Center Lara Joseph stopped by FEBS Saturday 11/14 during her trip to Tampa for the Pet Professional’s Guild conference.  She was interested in seeing the sanctuary and the work being done.   Lara Joseph owns and operates the Animal Behavior Center in Sylvania, OH and works with parrots, pigs, dogs, deaf dogs, vultures, rats and other animals yet has a special place in her heart for parrots.  She uses positive reinforcement, enrichment and applied behavior analysis in force free training. She is passionate about the work she does and travels and lectures around the world on animal behavior.  Lara gave Pat an hour interview on Periscope and helped share our mission on giving birds back to each other and the amazing work being done.  She fell in love with all the birds at FEBS and plans for a return visit.   Pat and Lara discussed developing an enrichment center at FEBS as well as providing internships for veterinarians.  Lara is also offering FEBS at no cost, free training and webinars for any special needs birds in our care.   Check out her website at TheAnimalBehaviorCenter.com 

Photo Nov 14, 12 31 46 PM (1)

Photo Nov 14, 10 16 01 AM (1)Photo Nov 14, 12 43 34 PM (1)

Photo Nov 14, 12 32 18 PM (1)Photo Nov 14, 12 33 03 PM (1)Photo Nov 14, 10 17 16 AM

This gallery contains 12 photos

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Volunteering is such a rewarding experience.  Not only is it fun and provides enrichment for the birds but it makes a difference in your own life.  Below are some pictures of a very happy bird with some volunteers.  He/She just had to get in on the fun and couldn’t decide who they liked best.  The Hudson and the Wesley Chapel locations can always can use volunteers.  Please help make a a difference in a birds and your own life today.  Contact #FEBS to discuss how YOU can help.

Debbie Hubbard

Debbie Hubbard

Photo Nov 09, 9 24 16 AM

Debbie and Krista


FEBS Go Fund Me Campaign :)

FEBS is excited to announce a new Go Fund Me campaign to raise much needed donations for two new flight aviaries in Hudson.  Please SHARE SHARE SHARE with friends and family so you can help us reach our goal!  YOU are such a big part of what makes FEBS does possible.  This campaign will help towards building large flight aviaries for more of our feathered friends.  Share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, any and all social media to reach as many people as possible. Special thanks to Kathleen and John Foster for setting this up.  You are amazing!  We couldn’t do it without all of you!!!   

Please follow the link to give a donation to this very important cause!  Thank you so much!


“How deeply you touch another life is how rich your life is.”
― Sadhguru
Large Flight Aviary

Large Flight Aviary

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New Website Coming Soon!

We are excited to share with you that we will be launching our new website and blog site next week!  Our media team has been hard at work with special thanks to Bonnie Lowell for volunteering her time and expertise designing and building this beautiful new site for FEBS.  We have a brand new “Friends of FEBS” program which you can join by giving a monthly donation of any amount.  You can sponsor any parrot type at FEBS through this program or select a parrot of your choosing.  The site provides an easy way to follow our featured campaign,  blogs, or fill out an online volunteer form and make an impact at the Sanctuary.  Stay tuned for an update next week for the official launch of our site and make sure you sign up for our blog.  We are requiring all users to resubscribe to our new blog.  Make sure you check your email as you won’t want to miss out on the great things happening at FEBS!