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NEWS: FEBS Accepted Into Prestigious Combined Federal Campaign!


We are please to announce that FEBS has been accepted into the most prestigious Combined Federal Campaign (CFC 55766) Handbook.

We thank CFC for allowing us into this wonderful matching gift program!

We also wish to thank all of our Federal Employees in advance for choosing Florida Exotic Bird Sanctuary (CFC #55766) as a charity that you feel is worthy of giving to this year!

Combined Federal Campaign is a program where Federal Employees can donate a portion of their paycheck to charities such as FEBS and the Federal Government matches the employees’ funds.

If you are a Federal Employee please think about donating to FEBS during this year’s campaign. Our CFC number is 55766!

If you would like more information on the Combined Federal Campaign CLICK HERE!

FEBS Would Like To Thank All Of Our Volunteers!

Bella found a new perch on top of Caytlin's head!

Bella found a new perch on top of Caytlin’s head!

We are so thankful for the ongoing interest in the wonderful people that come out to the sanctuary to help us in any way they can.

Our volunteers mow lawns and put cages together for us...

Our volunteers mow lawns and put cages together for us…

With over 350 Parrots to take care of there are various opportunity’s and jobs here that we need help with.


Volunteers creating FEBS Dream Catchers to sell for the Sanctuary.

From feeding the birds to mowing the lawn to creating beautiful Dream Catchers from the feathers that the birds shed for sale for the benefit of the Sanctuary, all these actions are necessary to keep the Sanctuary running smoothly and efficiently.

Volunteers putting together a flight aviary for the birds.

Volunteers putting together a flight aviary for the birds.

We need all of our volunteers and more so that we can continue to expand and help more birds who need us. Basic things like putting together a new flight aviary or repairing an old aviary are a daily occurrence here at FEBS!

So we would like to thank you all for your support and compassion for our little feathered family. If you or someone you know would like to volunteer for FEBS please click on the banner below to fill out the application form. We look forward to working with you all.

FEBS volunteer banner-tif

Wiregrass: Bird Education Starts Young At FEBS!

FEBS Volunteer Chats With Young Bird Lovers.

FEBS Volunteer Chats With Young Bird Lovers.

At FEBS we believe it’s important to educate everyone about the care of exotic birds and the younger the better.

Last month at one of our Wiregrass weekends our volunteers got to chat with and teach a small group of children about what goes into caring for our feathered friends.

They loved being able to touch the birds and really listened to what we had to say.

If you would like more information about what FEBS does and why please check out our website at http://www.flabirdsanctuary.com/

FEBS’ New Infomercial Is Here!!

Most of you who are familiar with our website have seen our video tour of FEBS but we are very excited to unveil to you all our new FEBS Infomercial!

This new infomercial was professionally produced with a film director and producer and took hours of dedicated work to create. We are really proud of it and would like you all to be the first to see it! So pull up a seat and click play below!!

NEWS: FEBS Receives Donation of Lawn Care And Tractor!

This much need Lawn Tractor was donated to FEBS!

This much need Lawn Tractor was donated to FEBS!

Recently FEBS supporters, Jeff and Tammy, (who placed their Umbrella Cockatoo named Bogie with FEBS two years ago) generously agreed to take care of FEBS monthly lawn care needs at the Sanctuary at no cost. Since FEBS’ old riding lawn mower was 15 years old and on its last leg, we all knew that we would have to find one for sale before they could start.

Jeff did some research and found a great mower and negotiated a great price of $500 for us. However, unbeknownst to us one of Jeff and Tammy’s friends named Barbara decided to surprise us with a gift. You see, Barbara had recently visited FEBS and had heard about the lawn mower situation. She then went ahead and purchased the mower and told Jeff to donate it to the Sanctuary!!

We are over the moon with the generosity of all of them. It is this kind of generosity that is so helpful in allowing us to continue our work and mission for the birds!

Thank you greatly Tammy, Jeff, and Barbara! Your contributions really make a HUGE difference to all of us here at FEBS especially the birds!

MacDonnell Family Writes Letter In Order To Help FEBS’ Mission!

Here at FEBS we have fantastic supporters who are constantly working with us to achieve our mission for the birds. Today we would like to highlight the MacDonnell Family who are wonderful contributors to FEBS.

The MacDonnell’s want to reach their goal of raising $4800 for FEBS this year and they are campaigning to raise these funds. Recently they wrote a letter that we would like to share with you all. It’s individual actions and campaigns like these that help to keep FEBS up and running so that we can help more birds that need us.

Here is their passion-filled letter:

“September 2013


I’m writing to ask for a donation to one of my favorite causes, The Florida Exotic Bird Sanctuary (FEBS), in Wesley Chapel, Florida. I am a member of the Sanctuary and a sponsor of my Blue-Crowned Conure, Skipper, who now happily resides there.

The main mission of FEBS is to allow exotic birds to be birds in their natural environments with other birds. FEBS is currently engaged in a Capital Campaign to raise funds to purchase additional acreage and 18 much needed flight aviaries. My goal this year is to help them raise $4,800 towards the purchase of two of these large aviaries, so that more birds have a chance to live freer lives and fly more easily.

The aviaries FEBS would like to purchase are 16′ long, 8′ tall and 6′ deep. They can be subdivided using removable center units to house different species of birds or remain open. They typically house 12-16 birds when left open or half that when divided. The aviaries feature white metal roofs to reflect the sun and protect the birds from rain, outside feeding bowls, misting systems, catches on both ends for safe entry and exit, and wire floors covered with rocks. Heaters and fans can easily be attached depending on the season when needed. There is ample room for flight. These aviaries cost $2,400 each. Skipper now calls the first of these cages to be installed his home.

There are over a million exotic birds in the U.S. alone that need homes. With millions of exotic birds bred by the pet industry each year, the population of captive birds continues to grow. The plight of adopted exotic birds increases when their original guardians either lose interest, aren’t fully educated as to their needs, move, become ill, or die. FEBS currently provides care for over 350 birds. Visit their website to learn more at www.flabirdsanctuary.com

I am personally making a $500 contribution towards this effort. I hope you will consider joining me in helping FEBS provide upgraded, spacious homes for a number of birds so they can live the lives they deserve. All donations are tax-deductible and you will receive a receipt of your gift from FEBS. I am grateful to have found FEBS for my beloved Skipper, and fully support their vision on behalf of our extraordinary feathered friends. Thank you for being as generous as you can in supporting this worthy effort by making your donation on the website today! www.flabirdsanctuary.com


The MacDonnell Family

Dedicated Supporters of the Florida Bird Sanctuary”

We are so pleased and honored to have great supporters like all of you who individually fund raise for FEBS. Thank you so much to all of you and to the MacDonnell Family for making our mission something you are truly passionate about.

If you would like to fund raise in order to help FEBS continue with its mission and goals there are two great ways you can do that.

  1. You can write a letter like the one above from the MacDonnell Family and hand them out and/or email them to friends, family, and co-workers asking them to make a donation directly on the FEBS site at www.flabirdsanctuary.com
  2. You can create your own fund raising campaign by joining the Florida Exotic Bird Sanctuary team on Crowdrise by clicking here and then clicking on ‘Fundraise For This Charity’. This can be a lot of fun because you can set a personal goal for what amount you want to raise and keep track of it here. All money gets sent to FEBS as it’s collected.

Thank you all again and with all of your help we know that we can make FEBS’ mission to provide a forever home for all exotic birds that need us a reality!

NEWS: Spradlin Family Gives FEBS Birds A Cool Donation!

Auramist Misting Fan

Auramist Misting Fan

We would like to offer sincerely HUGE thanks to FEBS’ close friends, The Spradlin family!

The Spradlins have a Catalina Macaw named Neo who now lives with us at FEBS and they visit the sanctuary every Sunday. They donate their time with us volunteering as well as bring the birds huge bags of fruit! We just love this kind of commitment!

Well this week in addition to their time and fruit they surprised us with the delivery of the above huge new Misting Fan for the birdies! This fan will be fantastic in one of the new flight cages going up to cool off the birds!

We wanted to publicly tell the Spradlins that we are so grateful for everything they do for FEBS and the birdies as well as a HUGE thank you for this wonderful Misting Fan gift!

These misting fans are wonderful at keeping the birdies cool on really hot Florida days and we would love to have more of these for all the aviaries.

If anyone is interested in purchasing one of these fans for the birdies the information is below:

The company is Auramist, Inc. (www.auramist.com) and their phone number is (800) 320-6478.

The fan specs are: 30″ Industrial Misting Fan 110V; Item number: AM11MF30-1-AR (click here to see fan)

Also remember that all purchases for FEBS are tax deductible! 🙂