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Testimonials: A Letter From The Vail Family

The Vail Birds enjoying their new forever home.

The Vail Birds enjoying their new forever home.

In this blog category we are highlighting some of the great testimonials that we receive every day praising the work that FEBS does. We would like to share all of these beautifully kind words with all of you. When available we will provide the reviewer’s name but sometimes people prefer to be anonymous and we will always respect their privacy. Here is a wonderful letter that we received from the Vail family.

“Placing our four beloved Amazon Parrots at the Florida Exotic Bird Sanctuary (FEBS) was the best decision that my husband and I have ever made for our birds. We wanted to ensure that our parrots (two of whom have minor special needs) would always have the best care and environment to ensure their health and happiness long term, especially if they were to survive us or our ability to care for them.

Because we have no family member or friend who could care for our birds if we were unable to do so, I began to search for the best avian sanctuary that would accept them when that time came. Several long-established rescues were willing to accept our parrots but none met all the criteria that are important to us.

Then, after a 6-year search, we found FEBS. We soon realized that FEBS offers all the advantages we’d hoped to find for Maria, Gonzo, Lucy, and Bella, and that the environment there is better for them than the best we could provide in our home. We decided to apply for their immediate placement and were grateful that they were accepted for residence there.

In July of this year, we transferred our birds to FEBS. With Pat Norton’s advice and guidance, their flight on the airline she recommended was smooth and without problems.

Maria, Gonzo, Lucy, and Bella in their new flight cage.

Maria, Gonzo, Lucy, and Bella in their new flight cage.

We provided funding so that a large outdoor flight cage (21 feet long, 12 feet wide, and 8 feet high) could be built for our parrots, and in that cage, they can really fly! They have many toys to play with and an excellent diet, and they are free to socialize at all times with each other and with four other compatible Amazons who now share their cage.

Our parrots receive the medical care they require (an avian veterinarian regularly visits FEBS), and I can see from their current photos that their feather condition has improved since they left our home, probably because of the misting system that FEBS provides and the high humidity in Florida (both of which benefit those tropical birds).

The beautiful new flight aviary that the Vails provided.

The beautiful new flight aviary that the Vails provided.

We look forward to installing a web cam in our parrots’ cage so that we can log on and “visit” them at any time. We have great confidence in Pat Norton’s knowledge about parrot psychology, behavior, and care and in her commitment to providing the best environment for FEBS’ birds. We look forward to her updates about our Amazons, and we remain delighted with our decision to place our parrots at FEBS. If you would like more information about our experience in doing so, please ask Pat for our contact information. – The Vails”

We at FEBS thank you all for your generous gifts and loving words. It really helps us all to absolutely realize that we are making a great difference in not only the lives of the birds that we help but also in the lives of those who love them, call them family but can no longer take care of them properly.

If you have had a great experience with FEBS and would like to give your own testimonial we would love it if you could visit our Great Non-Profits site by CLICKING HERE and leave a review there. We will be picking reviews from there to highlight here on our FEBS blog. You will also be helping FEBS to be seen by building our reputation on Great Non-Profits which puts us in front of many potential donors and volunteers. Thank you from all of us here at FEBS!

FEBS Welcomes Four Wonderful Amazons And Receives A New Flight Cage


In July four wonderful Amazons came to FEBS from the Vail family in Missouri. They are Maria and Bella, both female Double Yellow Headed Amazons; Lucy, the Mexican Red Headed Amazon; and Gonzo, a Salvin’s Amazon.

The Vails started their journey as most do – many phone calls, questions, and a personal tour of the Sanctuary before feeling like FEBS not only met but exceeded their expectations for a permanent, happy home for their feathered family members.

The flight cage being built!

The flight cage being built!

These four birds had a wonderful life with the Vails but, as in many cases, their owners were concerned about the future of the birds in the event of them not being able to take care of them any more.

These four birds had their own bird room and were accustomed to being outside of their cages while flying and interacting with one another. FEBS knew that this had to be duplicated in Florida. With the collaboration of design features needed for their Amazon’s special needs, FEBS and the Vails came up with the perfect design features needed for the birds’ new home.

Hard at work creating a great home for the Amazons!

Hard at work creating a great home for the Amazons!

After a three week acclimation, the cage was finally finished and all four of the Vail birds were released slowly through a second set of acclimation cages within the cage. Also, introduced to the new flight was Allie, Jessie, Paulie, and Ziggy. All of the birds are doing beautifully.

Enjoy the new aviary!

Enjoy the new aviary!

Welcome to Parrot-dise, your forever home in Florida! A very grateful THANK YOU to the Vail’s for providing not only this large flight for their birds but a new home for a few other Amazons that were waiting for this day when they could spread their wings and “Just Be A Bird”.

The completed new flight aviary

The completed new flight aviary

The Vail’s have also made a substantial donation to ensure the lifelong quality care for their birds’ every need! These donations are vital to us to continue to help Parrots in need. What a wonderful gift! We are blessed to have people like the Vail’s become a part of the FEBS family!

If you would like to make a donation to help FEBS support our feathered friends click the banner below!


Amadeus, Ziggy, and Beau Join The FEBS Flock


Tom and his wife contacted FEBS and after a great deal of discussion about how their Beloved birds Amadeus (a big beautiful, loving Moluccan Cockatoo), Ziggy (a sweet Yellow Nape Amazon), and Beau (the gentle, inquisitive African Grey) would fit into the flock at the Sanctuary, they decided that Tom should take the flight from Virginia to Florida and come tour our facility. Tom asked many questions and said he would go back home and discuss the possible placement of their birds with us.

This family loves these birds very much but with the owners’ health and age concerns they knew that they would eventually have no choice but to make some arrangements for their beloved Parrots. But not just any Sanctuary or setting would do.

In the following months, Tom and his wife funded a new Amazon Flight Cage, did full vet work ups on their birds and, with the help of their daughter, packed up everything possible in their van with the birds and headed off on the long journey to Florida. Tom’s wife stated to Pat on the phone one evening before leaving “we could not fit one more peanut in the van”.

Everyone arrived safely and they all helped to set the birds up in the acclimation room as instructed. We like for the cage to be set up just as it was at home so that the birds feel like their “house” is still the same.

The family stayed in a local hotel near the Sanctuary and in the morning they came back and spent the day with the birds personally talking to each of them and introducing them to Pat by name. They told Amadeus, Ziggy, and Beau that it was safe here and that Pat would take good care of them.

The birds were calm and well-rested from their long journey and they were already showing interest in the noises of their fellow companions in the room with them. Tom and his wife were delighted and said that they felt it was okay to leave them.

Even though it was hard for them to part with their loved ones after so many years of caring for them, they knew in their hearts that the birds were safe and happy.

We wish to thank this family for not only the great love and care these birds have received all these years but also for the many toys, cages, and food that they brought with them. In addition we were overwhelmed by a large donation given for care and sponsorship for the life of these beautiful birds.

Also, all three birds have acclimated into their own species flight cages and are doing wonderfully to the delight of these wonderful people!

FEBS Gets Free Dog Food Donated

The Girls love the Steele Family!

The Girls love the Steele Family!

FEBS would like to recognize the Steele Family! The Steele family has had a little Quaker Parrot with FEBS for 3 years now and anytime we have needed an extra set of hands Billy or his son, Jake, or wife, Julie, are always willing to lend a helping hand at FEBS!

Well this time this family really needs to be recognized! Billy works for an animal feed company and is giving 70 pounds of their product monthly. When Billy found out that we now have 4 Coon Hound puppies to feed he generously donated the food to the FEBS doggies! How awesome is that!!


Thank you greatly Steele family! The dogs love the food and we love your support!!

If you would like to read more about the Coon Hound Puppies that are our new residents then check out our blog from last week by CLICKING HERE!

Please Welcome FEBS’ Newest Residents: Piper, Molly, Faye, and Daisy!!

J&Kwith Pups

Please give a special welcome to FEBS’ newest residents: Piper, Molly, Faye, and Daisy, our 6 month old puppies. “The Girls”, as they are known, are Treeing Walker Coonhounds selected to protect the property and birds. The Girls are being trained in their specialty of “treeing” or chasing raccoons and other wildlife up trees or fences.

“The Girls” are directed by staff to retreat and the critter will be safely removed or eventually scamper away. After some time the critters learn to stay out of the property and away from the birds. This is a very safe and humane way of protecting the property without harming any other creatures.

The Girls love to meet new people and say hello!

The Girls love to meet new people and say hello!

The puppies’ training should be completed before they move with FEBS to its larger, more unincorporated location. There, they are sure to be busy protecting a much bigger site and greeting all the visitors.

Additionally, FEBS gives a special thank you to Dr. O who routinely cares for the puppies at the property. Her love and care are greatly appreciated.

If you love puppies and have a few hours to volunteer, The Girls would love some special attention; practicing using their sit, stay and other commands; and becoming more socialized.

When you visit FEBS or bring your friends for a tour be ready for a warm welcome from The Girls. They are looking forward to meeting you!