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Freedom Point at The Villages tours FEBS

Recently we were happy to give a tour to some of the residences from “Freedom Point at The Villages! It was a good time had by all!   A special Thank you to Valerie (Program Director for Freedom Point) for organizing the group that wished to come on this trip and making sure everyone had a safe and enlightening experience with the Sanctuary Parrots.

Some of the residences bought dream catchers and t-shirts and got to take home feathers and gifts for the grand kids!
We have made all of these kind people Honorary Members of Florida Exotic Bird Sanctuary and hopefully it will be an experience they will never forget!
Village2Village 6 Village 5 Village 4

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New FEBS Property Update

Today’s blog is about the progress that is being made at the new location in Hudson, Florida
FEBS closed on our new property 3 months ago and progress so far has been amazing! With the help of some great volunteer’s including Jeff, Billy, Dave, Dani and Family, Trish and many, many other hard working people who are donating their time to help we are in fast forward to have a projected date of early next spring to move a great deal of the current birds over to the new Sanctuary.
We have great news regarding some amazing donations of material and equipment so look for that news in the coming week!

The pictures that follow are from the property 3 months ago until currently. We have had a good friend Dave doing airbrush artistry on the old mobile building that will one day serve as our office and gift store.(Make sure you enlarge picture so you can see his amazing detail to mobile building!) He is charging us a fraction of what anyone would because he really loves what we are doing and sees our vision! The workshop is complete thanks to Billy and Jeff, complete with storage, multiple electric outlets, lighting and shelter for our equipment!

Before picture of entry into sanctuary

Before picture of entry into sanctuary


After picture of entry into sanctuary.


Another after picture of entry to sanctuary


Starting the after view of the entry fence into sanctuary .

Before picture of mobile home on Hudson property

Before picture of mobile building on Hudson property


After photo of mobile building on Hudson property

Inside of work building

Inside of work building

Work Building

Work building

Before view of road leading to the sanctuary

View of road leaving the sanctuary property.

We have moved two of the Walker Coonhounds, Molly and Faye, over to the new property to be able to tell all unwanted potential predictors to stay AWAY, before any birds every get there!
We have hooked up our Camper for anyone that wishes to stay on property overnight to work to have a comfortable place to stay.
Lastly, we will be sending out Blogs and Emails in the next few weeks to all of our Bird Lovers Blog/Facebook and Twitter followers asking for YOUR help with two very important needs for this expansion. Cage wire and the “Freedom Fund” A major campaign to raise the 70K needed to complete the purchase of the Hudson property. Our goal is to own this property outright within 2 years so that all future donations will go directly to the birds, and not a mortgage note!

Please stay in touch and let us know if you have any resources that can help with our goal to help many more Parrots in need of Sanctuary.

Thank you in advance for all our your support, past, present and future!





Click the link below to watch the video report that Fox 13 Tampa Bay did on the sanctuary, they did such a nice job!!

Thanks Fox 13 Tampa Bay!!



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The McGehee Family

Today’s blog is a celebration and remembrance of someone that was near and dear to FEBS.
Don McGehee and his wife Marty came to FEBS after searching for over 3 years for a permanent loving life care facility that would meet all of their birds needs and The McGehee’s expectations. Marty and Don generously donated a great deal to FEBS and even paid for a wonderful flight cage for their birds.
Flight Cage donated by McGehee Family

Flight Cage donated by McGehee Family


One of the most generous donations is an ongoing 400.00 a month contribution towards Almonds for all of our larger birds (160.00 a bag for 40 #) something we simply could not afford, and 2 different 50# bags of pellets! Marty has asked us to please continue this order and we are just amazed by the love that continues to come from this family, especially at this time. Their family members that they trusted in our care included Obi a beautiful, loving, Moluccan Cockatoo, Marissa, a sweet Female Eclectus, Paulie, A very rare Amazon who is now residing in the Amazon Flight with his other Amazon Buddies and a Ciaque named Rio. Rio passed away in our facility after a few months with us, and after a necropsy, was found to have a long term liver disease. Upon Don and Marty’s request,  Rio was cremated and his ashes are with Marty. We were all thankful that Rio was able to spend the last few months of his life here at FEBS with his own kind and played right up to the very last minute!


Obi the Moluccan

Obi the Moluccan

Don and Marty made this very difficult decision to place their beloved birds with FEBS because of the health issues they were having and needed to move back home closer to family. Don was able to come visit their birds a few times before they moved. I personally became fast friends with this couple and had many conversations with Don, he was a true Bird Lover and could not do enough for his own to ensure their well being. Our love and hope that Marty will be surrounded with friends and family through this time and Don, we know that you are looking over this Sanctuary from Heaven and we take comfort in that.


All our Love, Obi, Marissa, Paulie and all of the staff and birds at Florida Exotic Bird Sanctuary!

Marissa the Red Eclectus

Marissa the Red Eclectus

Paulie the Amazon

Paulie the Amazon