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FEBS Go Fund Me Campaign :)

FEBS is excited to announce a new Go Fund Me campaign to raise much needed donations for two new flight aviaries in Hudson.  Please SHARE SHARE SHARE with friends and family so you can help us reach our goal!  YOU are such a big part of what makes FEBS does possible.  This campaign will help towards building large flight aviaries for more of our feathered friends.  Share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, any and all social media to reach as many people as possible. Special thanks to Kathleen and John Foster for setting this up.  You are amazing!  We couldn’t do it without all of you!!!   

Please follow the link to give a donation to this very important cause!  Thank you so much!


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Large Flight Aviary

Large Flight Aviary


26 Greys Moved to New Aviary in Hudson, YAY!

Greys' Flight Finished!

Greys’ Flight Finished!

We are very happy to announce the New African Grey flight is complete and 26 Greys are now loving their larger, beautiful flight.  Many thanks to all of the people that donated to the expense of putting this together and all of the volunteers and staff that worked hard to give these wonderful birds this state of the art aviary fully equipped with water, electric, shelter, safe toys, boings, perches and plenty of food and water stations.  We are already working on the next flight cage with a double door system between two cages.  Please help in any way you can as we need many more flights. Please be patient as we are working as fast as we can (finances and labor a huge factor) to get ALL of the birds in the new large flights!  Please let us know if you can help lend a hand or help finance an aviary!

Happy flock doing very well in their new digs!