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Gold Status on GuideStar for FEBS

FEBS recently earned the Gold GuideStar Nonprofit Profile participation level!  This leading symbol of nonprofit transparency and accountability is presented by GuideStar, the world’s largest source of nonprofit information.  In order to be awarded the Gold Seal of Transparency, FEBS included basic contact information, financial information, and our goals, strategies, capabilities, indicators, and progress, helping us more effectively share our story with the world. Check out our GuideStar Nonprofit Profile and tell us what you think: http://www.guidestar.org/profile?id=20-0839145



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Hudson Community Steps Up

Meet Glen and his handsome Green Wing Macaw Biggie.   Glen’s passion for birds brought him to FEBS.  He is a licensed self-employed electrician that now volunteers his time to help FEBS run electric to the aviaries and other electrical needs.  We really appreciate people like this in our community for lending their expertise to us!  Thank you from all the birdies!



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Ekkie Flights in Progress

This week we are excited to announce that the Flights for our Male and Female Eclectus is coming along on schedule.  We want to thank Andrew, owner of “The Phoenix Solution” for the hard work he and his team are doing to get these wonderful new homes ready for the Eclectus.


The Eclectus are special in that mature females do not do well in flocks but through research we have found that in the wild they are the only Parrot that changes mates about every 11 years.  Immature females will stay together until a mate is found.  They also have a tendency to bully their mates so having 2 or 3 males with a female is a much desired arrangement for this species.  Due to the specific nature of the Eclectus, many are misunderstood and do tend to start plucking their feathers out of frustrations.  As beautiful as the Eclectus are, they usually do not make very good pet birds.  We wish to thank the donors that helped build these very special flight cages.  Please watch for the updates and pictures of the completed flights and the birds that are surely going to enjoy them! 


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Amazon Alley Aviary Funded!

Thanks to all of our dedicated supporters we are happy to announce that the “Amazon Alley” Matching Funds Campaign of $5k has been met!  This beautiful new multi-flight aviary for various species of Amazons is well under way and should be complete by late January.  Some of the aviaries will be utilized for current bonded pairs and some for multiple Amazons that are compatible.  These state of the art aviaries were designed with plenty of room to “Just Be A Bird”.  These beautiful aviaries will be equipped with misting and heating systems, awesome cargo nets, toys, environmental enrichment and an open air environment for sunning and  rain baths, which is so critical to the birds’ well being.  Of course, as with all of our aviaries, they will have “Chicken Maids” which keep the aviary floors clean and pest free.  We love our Chicken Maids!!!  To watch this wonderful transition, please be sure to follow our blog (FloridaExoticBirdSanctuary.Wordpress.com) and our website (FlaBirdSanctuary.com).  We are so excited to share this with you, our wonderful supporters!