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The Cooks’ Story

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This week’s special kudos go out to Bob and Sherryl Cook.   This couple came to us in 2012 with a Moluccan named Kyoshi and a Quaker parrot, Apache.  Their situation is a very familiar one. The Cooks needed to downsize, gave up the family home to their young son and wife, who soon realized life with a large bird and a young family did not mesh.

Recently retired, Dr. Cook and Sherryl have committed their free time not only to FEBS, but also serve Christ by volunteering at a soup kitchen once a week and are very active in the local community.  Bob leads 3 different bible studies and is President of his residential community village.  He works out religiously and loves physical fitness.  He takes Jack, his beloved Shi-Tzu, everywhere he goes including the Sanctuary. Jack has such a great time and gets his exercise in at FEBS everyday with Dad.

One of Bob’s true loves lies with helping animals.  He enjoys working with people and helping them walk through the transition and difficult decision of finding a new home for their family bird and just building relationships with people.   “I have been in their shoes and Pat was kind enough to accept my birds when no other place was acceptable to our standards” says Bob.  One thing led to another and now it’s have been 5 years.  Not only dedicating their time, the Cooks have taken on many rolls including being an integral part of the growth of FEBS.

Sherryl, Bob’s wife spends a great deal of time collecting bird feathers and helping keep the grounds beautiful by planting flowers and creating beautiful horticulture scenarios.  Sherryl’s passion benefits FEBS.  She loves feeding the birds and has contributed her time almost every day for 5 years.  She knows all the birds and calls them by name.  She loves doing creative things with the feathers and watching FEBS grow and see how it’s progressing.  She loves Learning new things such as how to ride a lawn mower and seeing how everything is coming together.  “The birds come first but the beauty helps fill it in” quotes Sherryl.  She gets attached to the birds, and says they are like little kids with feathers.   She communicates with the birds knowing their personalities and differences when she is collecting feathers, feeding or just perusing the grounds.  Sherryl says “Knowing someone is noticing them.  So much can be done with the feathers, everything comes back full circle.”   She loves identifying the feathers and how many shades of green or blue that come from the same bird.  Every time she looks for feathers it’s like an Easter egg hunt which she loved as a child.  Birds have such dimension that when we beautify the place it is relaxing and calming for the birds.

Thank you, Sherryl and Bob for your continued dedication and support of FEBS and all our feathered residents!

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