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Thank You Taqueria del Sol!

A big thank you to Tony, Javier, and Team Taqueria del Sol for the very generous donation of their old patio weather wraps to our sanctuary.  At 8 ft high and 65 ft long they fit perfectly around the space our sweet special needs birds are staying in until their flight is built.  What an awesome way to help FEBS!  Please head over to their Facebook link below and give a like and a thank you to this great group!


weather proofingtaco

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An Early Christmas Gift for FEBS

FEBS has received an early Christmas gift from the Animal Behavior Center and Lara Joseph!  Lara owns and operates the Animal Behavior Center in Sylvania, OH and works on animal training using positive reinforcement and applied behavior analysis.  She has donated her $400 level 2 membership to FEBS providing enrichment and training for the parrots in our care.  Lara works with many animals however her heart and soul are with parrots.  Lara is the person to go to when behavioral issues occur with any animal as she trains all types including vultures, pigs, dogs, and soon…a giraffe!   Thank you Lara for your generous gift and interest in supporting FEBS!  

Please check out Lara’s website and her amazing membership program at TheAnimalBehaviorCenter.com






Photo Dec 03, 10 16 43 PM



GreatNonProfits.org 2015

Please read one of the many testimonials from people dedicated to seeing the best care for their parrots on GreatNonProfits.org and see why FEBS was rated among the top non-profits of 2015.   


“Our beautiful eclectus parrot was so lonely even with us home all day we could tell she wanted desperately to be around other birds so I found FEBS and called Pat. Right away I could tell she was the person to take care of my sweet Lola. It broke my heart to think of being without Lola but she wasn’t as healthy as she would be in the Florida climate. Pat spent time preparing a cage for Lola before she arrived and I talked to Pat several times after Lola arrived to make sure everything was smooth for her. Pat took Lola in and “babysat” her! She even had a video of Lola on you tube! I miss Lola everyday and we visit when we can but I know shes healthy and happy where she is now. Thank you Pat, your family and all your volunteers who work so hard for these beautiful birds!”

-The Tuffs family in Georgia

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Help Us Reach Our Goal

Hello there and hope you all are looking forward to a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We would like to ask for help meeting our goal for our Go Fund Me Campaign.  The goal of our Go Fund Me Campaign of $100k is to raise enough money to build two new large flight aviaries.  The aviaries will include heating and misting systems in a state of the art design.  We’ve raised over $600 so thank you to all who contributed!  Every little bit counts so please take some time to help us build these aviaries and move more birds into them.  We cannot do this without your support.  Please click on the link below to give a gift of any denomination.  Thank you all and have a great holiday!




The Animal Behavior Center Visits FEBS

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The owner of the Animal Behavior Center Lara Joseph stopped by FEBS Saturday 11/14 during her trip to Tampa for the Pet Professional’s Guild conference.  She was interested in seeing the sanctuary and the work being done.   Lara Joseph owns and operates the Animal Behavior Center in Sylvania, OH and works with parrots, pigs, dogs, deaf dogs, vultures, rats and other animals yet has a special place in her heart for parrots.  She uses positive reinforcement, enrichment and applied behavior analysis in force free training. She is passionate about the work she does and travels and lectures around the world on animal behavior.  Lara gave Pat an hour interview on Periscope and helped share our mission on giving birds back to each other and the amazing work being done.  She fell in love with all the birds at FEBS and plans for a return visit.   Pat and Lara discussed developing an enrichment center at FEBS as well as providing internships for veterinarians.  Lara is also offering FEBS at no cost, free training and webinars for any special needs birds in our care.   Check out her website at TheAnimalBehaviorCenter.com 

Photo Nov 14, 12 31 46 PM (1)

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Volunteering is such a rewarding experience.  Not only is it fun and provides enrichment for the birds but it makes a difference in your own life.  Below are some pictures of a very happy bird with some volunteers.  He/She just had to get in on the fun and couldn’t decide who they liked best.  The Hudson and the Wesley Chapel locations can always can use volunteers.  Please help make a a difference in a birds and your own life today.  Contact #FEBS to discuss how YOU can help.

Debbie Hubbard

Debbie Hubbard

Photo Nov 09, 9 24 16 AM

Debbie and Krista


FEBS Go Fund Me Campaign :)

FEBS is excited to announce a new Go Fund Me campaign to raise much needed donations for two new flight aviaries in Hudson.  Please SHARE SHARE SHARE with friends and family so you can help us reach our goal!  YOU are such a big part of what makes FEBS does possible.  This campaign will help towards building large flight aviaries for more of our feathered friends.  Share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, any and all social media to reach as many people as possible. Special thanks to Kathleen and John Foster for setting this up.  You are amazing!  We couldn’t do it without all of you!!!   

Please follow the link to give a donation to this very important cause!  Thank you so much!


“How deeply you touch another life is how rich your life is.”
― Sadhguru
Large Flight Aviary

Large Flight Aviary