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Donate Today And Receive A Free FEBS T-Shirt

Layout and design is complete for the on site hurricane evacuation and multi purpose building.  A special thanks goes out to Kathleen Foster, our graphic artist guru, for all of the hard work put into designing our new 4400 SF long awaited and much needed building.  The matching funds of $10k has generously been met up to almost 50%.  Way to go guys!  This campaign will end April 30th.  In order to reach our $10,000 match, we still need your contribution. Anyone giving over $100 or more between now and the end of the campaign will receive a free FEBS T-shirt.   Please click HERE to donate or start your own fundraiser for this project.


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FEBS Springs Forward

Thanks to our amazing supporters we have just started and reached 25% towards our $10,000 goal for our Spring Building Matching Funds Campaign!  This building will serve as an on site hurricane evacuation building for all the birds at FEBS.  The  current evacuation plan in place with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission is adequate but the addition of this on site building would make evacuation more efficient.  When not in use as as a hurricane evacuation building this structure will double as a multi purpose building, i.e. veterinary clinic, dry food storage, and fresh food preparation. Any amount you give will be doubled and make this a reality for this very important expansion project.  Please click HERE to donate or start your own fundraiser for this project.



Repair tools background with construction and carpenter instruments vector illustration



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Update: Ekkie World and Amazon Alley, 36 New Flights!

Many thanks to our supporters!  Ekkie World and Amazon Alley are getting wrapped up with the final touches complete with perches, cargo nets, toys, misters and sun roofing for all 36 flights. The birds are expected to move into their new flights within the next couple of weeks. We are so excited for the parrots that have been awaiting their spacious new forever homes.  Please follow us for pictures and video of their release into their new luxury condos via our blog, Twitter, Facebook and website weekly updates.


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Matching Funds Campaign Complete!

We have met our goal for the matching funds campaign and have raised $10,000!  These funds will go a long way to help raise the large flight aviaries in Hudson.  A huge thank you to everyone who contributed and especially to the Wilkins family.  Thank you again for helping us reach our goals and enable us to get as many birds moved into the large flight aviaries as possible.  Happy New Year Everyone!  

Matching Funds Holiday Campaign

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Fundraiser and Blog Update

Hi All,

We have lots going on at FEBS this week.  Number one, thank you for all of the generous donations towards our Matching Funds and Go Fund Me Campaigns!  We’ve raised $3100 towards our $5000 goal for the Matching Funds Campaign sponsored by the Wilkins family.  The Wilkins family advised us to use the money wherever it’s needed most.  Any donations made towards any fundraiser from Dec 1 to Dec 31st will be doubled up to $5000 for the Matching Funds.  If you have entered your donation towards the Go Fund Me site rest assured it will be doubled until we meet our $5000 matching funds goal.  Thank you all for your help and everything you do!

We are also working on migrating our blog from FloridaExoticBirdSanctuary.Wordpress.com over to our FlaBirdSanctuary.com main website.  Please go to FlaBirdSanctuary.com and make sure you are following the blog from this page.  Please provide us feedback if you do not receive our posts on Wednesdays and Fridays.   Because so much has been going on lately we may be posting more frequently in the week in addition to the normal days.  Looking forward to communicating more with all of you and keeping you connected to FEBS.

And here are your cute pics for the day.  Enjoy!



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Matching Funds- Halfway There!

Wow!  Thank you for the great response to our call to action for our Matching Funds Campaign!  We are currently at $2700, a little over half the way there.  A BIG thanks to the Ramos family for the $1000 donation, and to all of you that are being so generous this holiday and helping us reach the Wilkins family holiday matching fund commitment of $5000!


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Matching Funds Week 1

Hi All!

We have raised $700 in the Matching Funds campaign for this month 9 days in!   You have 20 days left to double your donation!!! Thank you to the Wilkins family for donating the matching funds for this campaign.  We appreciate everything each and every one of you put towards FEBS and allowing birds to just “be a bird”.  Each dollar you donate is not only doubled but goes directly to the cost of raising more full flight aviaries in Hudson for another group of birds.  They need YOUR help and now is when you can make your donation count the most!

Click on this link to go to our website and select “Raise the Flight Matching Funds Campaign” to enter your donation amount.  Add to cart and complete the required information to complete the transaction.


Matching Funds Holiday Campaign