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Using Positive Reinforcement to Administer Medication

Zsa Zsa is a  beautiful Catalina Macaw Hybrid in our care who came to us with behavioral issues that cause her to bite her foot. Recently she started biting so much that ointment needed to be applied to her foot to help it heal. This can be a difficult thing to do with a parrot, or any animal for that matter. In order to clean and apply medicine, Pat used attention and kisses as a reinforcer and was slowly able to acclimate Zsa Zsa into letting her foot be rubbed as you can see in the picture below.


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An Early Christmas Gift for FEBS

FEBS has received an early Christmas gift from the Animal Behavior Center and Lara Joseph!  Lara owns and operates the Animal Behavior Center in Sylvania, OH and works on animal training using positive reinforcement and applied behavior analysis.  She has donated her $400 level 2 membership to FEBS providing enrichment and training for the parrots in our care.  Lara works with many animals however her heart and soul are with parrots.  Lara is the person to go to when behavioral issues occur with any animal as she trains all types including vultures, pigs, dogs, and soon…a giraffe!   Thank you Lara for your generous gift and interest in supporting FEBS!  

Please check out Lara’s website and her amazing membership program at TheAnimalBehaviorCenter.com






Photo Dec 03, 10 16 43 PM


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Raise the Flight Matching Funds Campaign 2015

Click Here to double your donation!! http://flabirdsanctuary.com/how-you-can-help/sponsors

The total cost to enclose this huge FREE FLIGHT AVIARY will be about $15,000 dollars. Please see our blog for our continued progress of our RAISE THE FLIGHT matching funds campaign. Thank you greatly in advance for helping us help many more birds! Matching funds campaign is running from December 1st to January 1st so please make sure to maximize your donations today!  Click on the link and add your donation amount under “Raise the Flight Matching Funds Campaign”.

Matching Funds Holiday Campaign













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Giving Tuesday

Hi Folks,

Today is Giving Tuesday, a global day dedicated to giving back.  We are asking you for Giving Tuesday to register with Amazon Smile to give back to FEBS when you shop.


Please follow this link https://smile.amazon.com/ then create an Amazon account if you do not already have one.  If you have one already, sign in as usual.  Scroll down to “Select one of your own charities” and type “Florida Exotic Bird Sanctuary” then “select” next to FEBS.  This will choose FEBS as the charity of your choice that a percentage of your purchases will go to FEBS when you shop on Amazon.com.  And don’t forget to shop on Amazon.com and grab those gifts for the holidays!


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Holiday Shopping Can Benefit FEBS

Hi All,

Black Friday and the start of holiday shopping is upon us.  You can help FEBS while you shop online using the following methods.  Please shop through Amazon or IGive as you normally would and some of your purchase will benefit FEBS, it’s as easy as that!








Sign up below with IGive and then shop through their site at any of the many supported stores including Macys, JCPenney,  and other big name stores and a portion of your purchase will go to FEBS!


If you shop through Amazon you can register with Amazon Smile and select Florida Exotic Bird Sanctuary as your dedicated charity.   A portion of your purchase will go to FEBS!

Please register below:


Please register through the links above and finish that holiday shopping early!


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Help Us Reach Our Goal

Hello there and hope you all are looking forward to a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We would like to ask for help meeting our goal for our Go Fund Me Campaign.  The goal of our Go Fund Me Campaign of $100k is to raise enough money to build two new large flight aviaries.  The aviaries will include heating and misting systems in a state of the art design.  We’ve raised over $600 so thank you to all who contributed!  Every little bit counts so please take some time to help us build these aviaries and move more birds into them.  We cannot do this without your support.  Please click on the link below to give a gift of any denomination.  Thank you all and have a great holiday!