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Making Foraging Toys at FEBS

This past Saturday we had a great time putting together some foraging toys for the birdies at FEBS.  Foraging toys help keep parrots active and happy while they work for their treats.  We put pineapple, strawberries, apple (no seeds), bananas, blackberries and sweet potato in the toys.  Here are some pics of what the finished products looked like and some of the birdies enjoying them.

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A Nutty Update!

What a heartfelt and wonderful response we had from our supporters for our request for almonds and pelleted diet so loved by the flock and which are so very healthy for them.  Enough of you committed the funds to cover a couple months worth of the items we requested.  We are very grateful to our wonderful supporters that step up in times of need! THANK YOU!


Steffani, a volunteer from Wiregrass Ranch High School feeding a Macaw one of its favorite treats!