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Raise the Flight Matching Funds Campaign 2015

Click Here to double your donation!! http://flabirdsanctuary.com/how-you-can-help/sponsors

The total cost to enclose this huge FREE FLIGHT AVIARY will be about $15,000 dollars. Please see our blog for our continued progress of our RAISE THE FLIGHT matching funds campaign. Thank you greatly in advance for helping us help many more birds! Matching funds campaign is running from December 1st to January 1st so please make sure to maximize your donations today!  Click on the link and add your donation amount under “Raise the Flight Matching Funds Campaign”.

Matching Funds Holiday Campaign













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Flights for Freedom HRHappy Independence Day to all of our bird lovers, enthusiasts, supporters, staff, volunteers, and especially to all of the 600+ birds that have found their way to Florida Exotic Bird Sanctuary to enjoy Independence Day everyday!
This is such a special time for FEBS and we are reaching out to all of you to help with the wonderful expansion project underway in Hudson. There are so many families who have contacted us to help give their bird the freedom that only FEBS can provide. Therefore, we took action and have been working nonstop over the last year to build a new beautiful “parrot-dize” for not only our current flock, but those waiting to arrive.
Our goal is to raise $100,000 for this project. We would like to request that each and every one of you donate at least $20.00 (the cost of a weeks’ worth of coffee) to help us buy the materials and pay for the additional labor to build 20 new state-of-the-art aviaries. We are reaching out to almost 2000 of you—our supporters—and believe with the help of all of you we can make this become a reality!
FEBS will be posting pictures on our website and blog as the aviaries go up and the birds are released into their beautiful new environments!
To donate, simply mail your check, or go to our website and click on the big blue feather. You will be directed to the checkout box “Flights For Freedom” and remember, all donations are tax deductible so you tell your friends and they can tell their friends what a wonderful cause this is!  We are very blessed to be able to help these beautiful parrots in this way, and know that you are all a large part of that blessing.

Thank you all greatly for being a part of such a wonderful cause!
Freedom Funds

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Another Group Of Cages Going To Their New Forever Home!

Cage Move

3 Cockatoo Flight Cages Off To Their New Home!

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Hudson Update

Hi everyone put some new pictures of conures and cockatiels. Keep an eye out for more to come.

Thanks to a group of wonderful volunteers we have made some great progress to the macaw flight and have brought another group of birds over to Hudson via their very large trucks and trailers.  We are hoping to move more birds and cages soon and can always use some extra help so give us a call if you have large trailers or trucks.

Remember we are always in need of volunteers especially at this time.  It takes us on average more then 5 hours just to feed the birds so whether you can build, clean, spray a water bottle and chat with a few birds, make some bird toys that they lovingly rip apart in 2.2 seconds or just come to support and help give a bottle of water to someone for their hard work,  we would love to see you.  None of this would be possible if it weren’t for all of you, your love and hard work for all these  wonderful birds.  Not only does volunteering feel good in your heart but its great excersise for the mind and body too!  Just seeing the birds brings and unconditional smile to your face as well as they love seeing!

Again, let us know if you are able to help us move some birds by sending us an email at birdmother@flabirdsanctuary.com with your number and we will give you a call back.

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Double the LOVE!

Vector card with many watercolour painted hearts

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Want to be even more involved with FEBS….

Become a Member of Florida Exotic Bird Sanctuary!


Hello and Happy Friday from all of the birds and staff at FEBS!

This weeks blog is to invite all of our followers and anyone else that wishes to become more involved in the inner working of the sanctuary by joining our membership.

Responsibility of a member is to stay apprised of activities of FEBS, make recommendations to the chairman of the board of anything they think may help achieve the corporations goals and seek out others who may be qualified candidates of becoming new members.  Members will receive the boards agenda at least 10 days prior to a board meeting.  They should respond to the chairman of the board with ideas or questions.  The chairman may present the members ideas or questions at board meetings.  Any person that completes and summits an application is automatically considered a member of Florida Exotic Bird Sanctuary.  There is no charge to join but you must be at least 18 years of age, have a passion to safeguard parrots and be willing to devote yourself to the progression of Florida Exotic Bird Sanctuary.