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Safety Tip Wednesday

Quite often we are asked if we can use rolls of sisal purchased from local hardware stores for toy-making, etc.   As you may have learned from our previous blogs regarding toy safety, we do not like to use toys made of string.  Sisal is a great alternative as the birds can break it easily.  We have long since used sisal as a replacement for cloth/string toys however it needs to be purchased from a pet safe distributor within the U.S.  Please check any packaging for a strong odor or from a foreign country as they may be preserved with pesticides.  Do not use these as they are toxic to the birds.  Buying rolls for toy-making is very cost effective but please make sure to purchase from a known source like MySafeBirdStore.com.  You may also search on the internet for key words “all natural”, “no pesticides”,  and “safe for bird toys” when shopping for sisal.